It’s the middle of the day, and you have no reason to fear anything. Let’s ruin that.

Publisher Bethesda is revealing the first good look at the gameplay of The Evil Within. The new survival-horror game from Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami’s studio,¬†Tango Gameworks, is due out Aug. 26 for current- and last-gen systems as well as PC, and we haven’t really seen much of it in action since Bethesda announced it last April. The Evil Within follows police detective Sebastian Castellanos as he awakens in a mysterious, monster-filled world after falling unconscious at the scene of a mass murder. The game will confront Castellanos and players with all kinds of frightening¬†situations and monsters. The Evil Within represents Mikami’s return to the survival-horror genre that he pioneered with the original Resident Evil.

Check out the gameplay trailer for yourself:

The Evil Within has no shortage of creepiness. Players will come across sacrificed goats and what looks like a butcher wearing a safe on his head. But it’s not all jump scares and avoiding mutilated baddies.

Tango is working to make The Evil Within disturbing. For instance, the clip features a sequence where Castellanos is rushing through a field of sunflowers as beautiful music plays only to immediately cut to him setting his head down in a guillotine as the same music continues on the soundtrack.

Mikami formed Tango in 2010 after leaving Capcom. After originally creating the slow, terrifying Resident Evil games, the franchise slowly morphed into an action series. This has left a vacuum in the triple-A console market for horror games. While spooky games that make players control underpowered characters perform well on PC and as downloadable titles from indie developers, major publishers have mostly stopped investing in horror games.

Bethesda and Tango are out to show that a game like The Evil Within can work without resorting to action and online multiplayer.

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