One of the coolest things about Titanfall is the challenges it requires players to complete before they can “regenerate” their character after reaching the level cap. One of the worst things about Titanfall is the Gen 5 challenge that requires players to shoot 50 ejecting pilots out of the air. Respawn has heard you, and it’s making this a whole lot easier.

The developer released a new patch today that will fix, adjust, and add a lot to its popular sci-fi shooter. That ejecting-pilot requirement, called the Gooser Challenge, now only needs you to kill 5 pilots. That’s just one of the many balance changes that Respawn is implementing as it strives to make the game play better for its dedicated fans.

Here are all of the new features:

  • Private match (beta): You now have a way to organize matches with your friends. Players can also use this for tournament play.
  • Party colors: If you party up with your friends, they used to appear as blue dots on your minimap. They will now appear green to help you stick together.
  • Auto-Titan color: Your auto-Titan’s name is now gold, so you can quickly check to see where it is and how it is doing.
  • Menu changes: If you’ve completed both campaigns, “Play Multiplayer” is now the top choice. This was previously called “Play classic,” and it appeared below the campaign.

Here are the game-balance changes:

  • Gooser Challenge: Reduced requirement from 50 to 5.
  • Titan 40mm canon ammo reduction: This Titan weapon now only has 12 rounds instead of 20 in its standard form. In its extended-mag form, it has 16 instead of 25. It is still the only weapon that can take down a Titan without reloading.
  • Titan quad-rocket mag-size change: The standard mag used to hold four shots, and it now holds five. The extended mag used to hold five, and it now holds six.
  • Titan quad-rocket damage versus shields: It now takes only four shots with the quad rocket to take down a Titan’s shields. It used to take five.
  • Titan quad-rocket “Rapid Fire” mag-size change: This single-fire version of the rocket launcher now holds 18 rounds instead of just 16.
  • Amped Kraber sniper rifle Titan-damage change: This “burn card” version of the Kraber rifle now does 800 points of damage against a Titan compared to the 100 it did before. This makes it the only highly effective small-arms weapon against a Titan.
  • Hardpoint Domination scoring changes: Respawn is increasing the points players get for capturing hardpoints and reducing the points they get for killing players. This is to encourage players to move around more in this mode.
  • Capture the flag scoring changes: Adjusting points to better reward capturing the flag over defending it.

Respawn also fixed a number of bugs that were affecting Titanfall. You can get a complete rundown of those patched issues from the developer’s blog. The patch is available now and should install when you turn on the shooter. This latest version also includes the version number on the bottom of the menu screen, so you can tell if you have the latest release.

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