Today, it’s easier than ever to voice your own opinion about games, but when everyone does it at the same time, these responses can feel like a collective “YES!” or “NO!” Snap judgments are common, and game companies sometimes make Metacritic’s aggregated review scores a negotiation tool for developer bonuses. But right now we want you to avoid appealing to authority or public opinion and write about your favorite hidden gems.

These are the titles that you loved but felt never received the respect they deserved. It could be that critics trashed it, or the fanbase shunned it. Maybe your own friends treated you like a pariah. We want you to write about your experiences, and tell us why you think the game is awesome. After all, a convincing argument from a passionate fan can be enough to make someone double-check their views.

How to Participate

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  • Include an image at the top of your article. Images can help direct attention and break up blocks of text.
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  • While your article can be as long as you want, we recommend keeping it under 800 words to help you stay focused and avoid unnecessary tangents.

Happy writing!