Sick of navigating for movies and TV shows by pressing buttons? Well those that own a Roku 3 set-top box are in luck.

Today the company announced an update for the Roku 3 that brings a new voice control feature to your TV via the official Roku iPhone app.

Basically whenever you use the mobile app you’ll now have the option of pulling up channels with your voice. The voice controls feature was already available via the company’s updated HDMI Roku Stick, aka Roku’s answer to Chromecast.

The move should help Roku stay competitive with the newly released set-top box from Amazon, FireTV, which bakes voice navigation into its remote control. The only disadvantage of using Roku’s feature via an iPhone app might be a slight delay, but I’m guessing this won’t be a big enough deal that people abandon their Roku boxes for FireTV.

Roku said the voice control update should roll out for everyone by April 22.