The growing San Francisco culture war between concerned residents and Internet companies was beautifully encapsulated in a short, three-minute video.

Earlier this month, a guerrilla worker-rights group, The Counterforce, protested in front of Google Ventures partner Kevin Rose’s house while distributing very aggressive leaflets claiming that techies were destroying San Francisco.

Rose kept remarkable composure and decided to chat with his would-be haters. Counterforce sent a clip to The Verge (below).

Rose admirably defended the tech position that Internet companies create employment in San Francisco.

“I’m just trying to create jobs,” he said, sitting calmly in front of his home.

Indeed, the city’s chief economist chalks up its recession-resistant economy to tech money. “Our analysis suggests the tech sector is responsible for the vast majority of the economic growth in San Francisco since 2010,” Ted Eagen told me.

The Counterforce was not convinced: “You’re creating five jobs for some guys who are sitting around in a rumpus room, you know, doing yoga,” one man said. “And then we’re serving you guys coffee.”

The even went further, saying, “You guys aren’t creating any real value.” Rose countered with the fact that they were recording the video with an Android Phone. “It’s, like, bringing information to the masses.”

No surprise, The Counterforce said Google technology was just a ruse for Internet companies to control more information.