AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–April 16, 2014–

Eagle Eye Networks today announced that its video security system has been continuously protected from Heartbleed (CVE-2014-010) vulnerabilities in OpenSSL. The Eagle Eye Networks Security Camera Video Management System (VMS) is a cloud service for managing and recording video. Due to the system architecture and the Eagle Eye professional security team’s protocols, Eagle Eye Networks’ VMS was preemptively secured from attacks against Heartbleed vulnerabilities.

Because the Eagle Eye on-premise appliances only connect to the Eagle Eye Cloud services there are no exposed SSL ports. The Eagle Eye Bridges and Cloud Managed Video Recorders (CMVRs) do not have any open ports to the Internet. This makes them fundamentally more secure than devices (such DVR’s or NVR’s) with ports that are exposed to the Internet.

“Our team of network security professionals has seen vulnerabilities of all types over the years. When we architected the Eagle Eye Security Camera VMS we took into account that such vulnerabilities might be found in the future,” said Dean Drako, President and CEO, Eagle Eye Networks. “We minimize our exposure in all ways possible to make sure we provide the most secure solution we can for our customers’ video.”

The Eagle Eye Security VMS cloud infrastructure was also not vulnerable to Heartbleed because it does not utilize a version of OpenSSL which contains the Heartbleed vulnerability. The security policies and procedures by which Eagle Eye chooses the components used in its system protects customers.

“One of the advantages of utilizing Eagle Eye Networks cloud-based solution for video recording and management is that a team of experienced professionals handles the network security issues,” said Christopher Nixon, CEO, Blue Lion Systems. “Eagle Eye’s team of network and security professionals made sure its surveillance system was completely secure, so we were never exposed to the Heartbleed vulnerability. Given how many other companies were vulnerable, this is a great testimony of Eagle Eye Networks’ high security.”

About Eagle Eye Networks

Eagle Eye Networks is a provider of the first on-demand cloud based security and operations video management system (VMS) that provides both cloud and on-premise recording. Eagle Eye offers secure recording, transmission, and storage, camera management, mobile viewing and alerts–all from a 100% cloud managed platform. The Eagle Eye Security Camera Video Management System supports a broad array of IP and analog cameras, and delivers Complete Privacy Encryption™. It also uses Intelligent Bandwidth Management™, making it easy to deploy at single and multiple sites, both small and large. Eagle Eye Networks sells through authorized partners. The headquarters is at 411 Brazos St, Suite 101, Austin, TX. For more information please visit or call +1-512-473-0500.

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