Twitch plays a ton of Pokémon, but it will also soon have the capability to control the world of Choice Chamber.

Studio Bean, a small indie developer, is looking to raise $30,000 through a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to pay for its audience-controlled platformer Choice Chamber — and Twitch is stepping in to help. With four days to go in the campaign, Choice Chamber has raised around $15,000. Twitch revealed today that it will match half of what the game has left to raise, which comes up to approximately $7,500.

Choice Chamber is a 2D action platformer with a twist. An audience of real people watching on Twitch can control just about everything that happens in the game. It makes sense that Twitch would want to invest in something like that. The video site has attracted thousands of viewers with other interactive livestreams like the aforementioned Twitch Plays Pokémon that has the audience controlling the classic Nintendo role-playing game by entering commands into a chat window.

“The Twitch community has already shown extraordinary enthusiasm for interactive games using Twitch chat,” Twitch business developer director Brooke Van Dusen said. “Choice Chamber is an excellent example of how developers can embrace this next-generation concept, so we are helping support this evolution of gameplay experiences in the age of social video.”

In Choice Chamber, players must conquer levels and bosses while an audience votes on what happens next. This includes building bridges with words in chat as well as summoning giant boss-ending fists when the viewers type “fist” fast enough. This creates a dynamic and interactive experience that is definitely unique to livestreaming.

Twitch, which has 45 million unique viewers every month, is obviously looking for ways to stay on the forefront of games and live video. It has built the go-to game-streaming site over the last few years by adding features and working with companies like Microsoft and Sony to ensure their new consoles include Twitch compatibility. Now, on the heels of Twitch Plays Pokémon phenomenon, the company is putting money into content that makes Twitch an integral part of the experience.

“Studio Bean is excited to have Twitch support us through the Kickstarter campaign,” Studio Bean director Michael Molinari said. “The game itself would not be possible without the convenience and simplicity of Twitch’s broadcasting and chat features, and this whole dream wouldn’t be happening were it not for their help and support.”

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