Eyefi, the maker of Wi-Fi-enabled photo storage cards for digital cameras, is moving into the cloud today with a new image-storage service.

The new Eyefi Cloud service will let you instantly upload digital camera images to the cloud and then view them instantly on a smartphone, tablet, PC, or smart TV.

Mountain View, Calif.-based Eyefi says the service is great for photo enthusiasts who require the superior image quality of digital cameras but are frustrated with the time it takes to deliver images to multiple devices.

Eyefi started in 2005, making SD memory cards that could upload images via Wi-Fi to computers. It extended the uploading to web sites. Last year, it launched Eyefi Mobi wireless SD memory cards that can upload images to mobile devices. And now it will allow you to upload images to its own cloud service. You can use mobile apps for iOS or Android to access those cloud images from smartphones and tablets.

In the past, digital camera owners had to manually transfer photos, often through the PC, to see them on a smartphone or tablet. With Eyefi, you can see higher-quality photos than you can take with your smartphone’s camera. And you can view them on your preferred device.

“Photo lovers know that life’s most important moments should be captured using a digital camera, but it’s difficult to access those shots until long after the images are taken,” said Matt DiMaria, chief executive officer of Eyefi, in a statement. “Eyefi Cloud makes those highest-quality shots available within seconds of them being captured, so photographers can immediately enjoy quality images on the beautiful displays of their smartphone, tablet, PC, or smart TV.”

The Eyefi Mobi SD memory card can transfer an image within milliseconds of capturing it. Images are automatically and securely transferred to Eyefi’s new mobile apps for iOS or Android. Eyefi apps organize the images and send them to the Eyefi Cloud.

Now you can use any device with the Eyefi apps or with a browser-enabled device to view, share, and manage the entire photo collection. You can share the photos with friends and family without having them register for anything. For photographers with multiple cameras, Eyefi Cloud automatically merges photos from different cameras into a single collection where they can be enjoyed together. The entire collection is then available on all your devices.

For customers who don’t want to transfer images over the Internet, Eyefi introduced Eyefi Desktop Transfer apps for the PC and Mac platforms. Those apps send images directly from a digital camera — equipped with an Eyefi Mobi SD memory card — to a PC or Mac without the need for a physical cable.

The Eyefi Mobi wireless SD memory card pricing begins at $49 for the 8GB version. The cloud service costs $49 a year for an unlimited number of photos.


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