The 25th anniversary of the release or the original Game Boy gives us a great excuse to celebrate one of the best brands in gaming history. We want you to write stories for us on the portable legacy of the original handheld and all its successors.

Whether you want to talk about the Game Boy, the Game Boy Color, or the Game Boy Advance, we want to see your musings in GamesBeat Unfiltered, our community-focused site where all of our readers can publish their own work. You could write a nostalgic essay on your favorite portable, do a review of one of your favorite Game Boy games, or maybe just talk about which games you’d like to see on the 3DS or Wii U Virtual Consoles.

If you haven’t written for us before, just head over to our “about” page. It’ll tell you how to make your own account and submit stories to GamesBeat Unfiltered. Our editors will select your best stories, edit them, and put them on GamesBeat’s front page.

Thanks! Happy writing!

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