A lawsuit over illegal anti-poaching practices allegedly involving four major technology companies has finally been settled.

A Google spokesperson confirmed the news to VentureBeat, saying: “We can confirm the existence of a settlement, but don’t have any further comment.”

First filed back in 2011, the lawsuit claimed that Apple, Google, Adobe, and Intel entered into an agreement to not hire each other’s employees. The lawsuit was filed “on behalf of roughly 64,000 workers,” according to the Guardian. The news was first reported by CNBC.

The companies allegedly made the agreement to prevent a talent and salary war between the major tech firms. Late Apple cofounder and chief executive Steve Jobs most recently became a figurehead for the suit, as lawyers cited emails between him and executives at other firms as potential evidence of wrongdoing.

Apple and Adobe did not immediately respond to VentureBeat’s emails on the matter. Intel provided VentureBeat with the related court documents (below).

No-hire pacts unfortunately aren’t new to the tech industry. Similar agreements reportedly have existed between Apple and Palm. In a comparable case, Zynga once claimed Electronic Arts chief executive John Riccitiello proposed an anti-competitive “no hire” pact back in 2010.