You think that’s air you’re breathing? Well, it probably is, but that’s what I would say if we were in the new training-simulator map in the sci-fi shooter Titanfall.

Developer Respawn is finally sharing some details about the new stages it’s selling in its $10 Expedition expansion. The first level it’s sharing about is War Games, which has players fighting in a training simulator. This new map, one of three due out in May as part of Expedition, combines elements of existing Titanfall stages along with digital artifacts and unnatural lighting to remind players that they are actually running around inside a computer.

“The concept of a simulator level allowed for themed areas to act as the hardpoints while the buildings between are in the smooth, featureless style of the training mission rooms,” reads a blog post on Titanfall’s official website.

One side of War Games incorporates night-time versions of buildings from Angel City. The other side has players starting in an Airbase-like structure. The middle area, however, is lifted from Rise. Moving between these elements has players wallrunning and double jumping through clean-looking virtual environments.

War Games is really like a greatest-hit remix that should actually make for a totally unique experience.

“War Games is one of our most wallrunning-friendly maps with a fun visual hook and plenty of space for Titans to engage in large-scale battles,” reads the blog.

Expedition is the first of three planned content add-ons. While players can purchase each pack individually for $10, publisher Electronic Arts is also selling all of them bundled together in a $25 season pass.