You’ve spent hundreds of hours building a giant golden toilet in Minecraft on Xbox 360, and you don’t want to abandon all of the hard work you have poured into your masterpiece. Well, Mojang and Microsoft have made sure that won’t happen.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer confirmed this morning that saves from Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition will work with Xbox One version. Microsoft worked directly with Mojang to get that working. This means that players can take along everything they’ve built from the 360 and continue tinkering and adding to it on the newest Xbox. Minecraft, an adventure game that enables players to build Lego-like structures with different kinds of blocks, is phenomenally popular. The 360 version alone has surpassed 12 million in sales. A big part of that success is due to players feeling a strong connection with the things they build.¬†Minecraft: Xbox One Edition is due out this year.

Spencer did not specify how this transfer system will work. In his tweet, he promised more information soon. We’ve reached out to Microsoft and Mojang for more, and we’ll update this post with any new information.

Mojang is also working on versions for PlayStation 4 and Vita, which the developer’s communication specialist, Owen Hill, says is due out in the next six months.

Minecraft is out now for PC, mobile, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. In a PlayStation blog, Hill also confirmed that the studio is working on a way for PS3 players to transition their saves to PS4.

“The plan is to enable users to transfer from PS3 to PS4,” he wrote. “We’re still working out how it’ll work with the Vita version.”