Disney Infinity is about to go super.

The Walt Disney Company announced Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes at a press event this morning in Los Angeles. This game is due out this fall as part of Disney Infinity 2.0, which is a new disc and not an update to the original package. It features characters from The AvengersGuardians of the Galaxy, and more, and it is coming to both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and the older consoles.

“This has forced us to think very differently about the gameplay,” Disney Interactive president Jimmy Pitaro said during the event. “We had to create new experiences that matches up with these characters and their unique qualities.”

Disney already showed off characters like Iron Man, Captain America, and The Hulk in action along with villains like Loki. Disney brought in The Avengers writer Brian Michael Bendis to write the story because it wanted it to “feel and taste like” the comics and cinematic universe.

The new Disney Infinity is also compatible with all of the original Infinity content and characters, but Disney hasn’t specified whether any of the new content will work with 1.0. We’ve reached out to the publisher for an answer.

In addition to new characters and Marvel-inspired environments, Disney’s development partner, Avalanche, will release new “game pieces.” These are physical toys that players can place on the portal alongside characters that will enable gamers to play guided experiences in familiar genres. One game piece opens up a tower defense that has players fighting off waves of frost giants from the Thor comics using strategically placed weapons. The other is a dungeon-crawler that will have players slowly fighting their way through levels filled with enemies. Both of those game discs are included in the Marvel Super Heroes starter kit.

Disney Infinity - Get Ready to Assemble Trailer