The Android-based Ouya console hasn’t exactly made a big dent in the marketplace, but perhaps some cloud streaming, which provides on-demand play, can help the modest system out.

Cloud gaming company Playcast Media has announced an open beta for a program that will enable Ouya owners to play triple-A titles, albeit older ones, for free. Playcast is using Amazon Web Services to help pull this off. The beta currently gives access to Lego games like Batman and Harry Potter, platformer Sonic Generations, and Telltale adventure games like Sam and Max and Back to the Future.

Since the cloud does all of the computing, the Ouya can play the games despite its modest hardware. Playcast promises that the library will expand in the coming weeks.

“Playcast bridges the visual computation and content gap between Ouya and the consoles,” said Guy de Beer, the CEO of Playcast Media, in a press release sent to GamesBeat. “In this beta, we will be employing for the first time the power of a public cloud system and a set of technologies that is set to overcome the limitations of streaming over the open Internet. Initial results have been very encouraging, and we hope to expand the program soon.”

The Ouya could certainly use some hits, even if they are older ones. Towerfall, one of the system’s most hyped and recognizable titles, sold a meager 7,000 copies on the microconsole.

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