Mom:  My shoulders hurt and stuff. Where am I at? Gosh. It’s dripping lava or something. OK.

Mike: Hold down and then push B. What’d that do? Oh, see, look —

[The mouse dropped on the switch.]

Mom: Now the mouse went to sleep.

Mike: Yeah, but he’s on the thing now, so you can keep going. No, don’t push B again. Put him down there. You have to push down and B on top of the thing, so that he stays.

Mom: What?

Mike: You’re putting him on the switch, so that he keeps it held down. Yeah, but you have to do it on the switch. Yeah, see?

The last level my mom played. You can see the "dripping lava" up there.

Above: The last level my mom played. You can see the “dripping lava” up there.

Image Credit: GamesBeat

Mom: Now where should I go?

Mike: But he’s not even on the switch yet. Go on the switch. Now push B. Now hold down and B. Push B again. Do you understand what you’re doing?

Mom: No.

Mike: Do you see how you step on the switch?

Mom: The mouse is doing something.

Mike: You can step on that switch and the blocks move. You’re going to put your mouse down so that when you step off the switch, the mouse will keep it pressed down. But you have to hold down and B, because that’s what makes the mouse sleep. If you just push regular B, the mouse starts moving. If you push down and B, he’ll sleep.

Mom: I am pushing down and B.

Mike: You’re not even on the switch, though.

Mom: Down and B.

Mike: Yeah. Push B once to get him back.

Mom: What?

Mike: You have to get him back on you. Push B. Remember, B returns him after he’s out. Now push down and B. Let go of it. Here, no, do it. There you go. Don’t push B anymore. Just jump over to the rock.

Mom: I’m sleeping now.

Mike: No you’re not.

Mom: Yes, I am.

Mike: Well, keep moving. It’s just because you weren’t doing anything.

Mom: Now what’s sleeping over there?

Mike: Go find out.

Mom: Ooh! It’s a sheep sleeping over there, a lamb. “Where am I? Where is my brother? Can you help me find him?”

"Have you seen my brothers?"

Above: “Have you seen my brothers?”

Image Credit: STV NEws

Mike: You’re going to help the sheep find his friends.

Mom: Oh. Now I gotta go up there. Do I have to go up there now?

Mike: I don’t know. Try over there. Call your mouse back. I bet the thing will go back while you’re up there. There you go. See? Just jump up there. You have a sheep’s soul released.

Mom: Am I done now?

Mike: Yeah, you can be done now.

Mom: Thank you, Ian! That was a nice game. No violence. Good luck with your little sheep and lambs.

Mike: So what do you like about Escape Goat 2, Mom?

Mom: I could do it?

Mike: You like that you could do it?

Mom: After a while.

Mike: Was it pretty? You liked the colors.

Mom:  Yes. No violence.

Mike: What don’t you like about Escape Goat 2? What do you think Ian should do for an Escape Goat 3?

Mom: Um … I don’t know. Maybe put more — make it like, out in the country-looking, instead of all of these rocks and fires.

Mike: And you want the doors closer to the keys?

Mom:  Well, for me. I mean, for you guys, it’s OK.

Mike: Have a mode for you where the key is always next to the door.

Mom: Right.

Mike: Well, thank you, Mom. Wait, what would you give it out of 100? What’s your score?

Mom: Um… 92?

Mike: Oh, very good. I just gave that score to Kirby. We think alike. The last score I gave was a 92, and now you give this a 92. That’s funny.

Mom: Great minds think alike. All right. ‘Bye!