Deals service Groupon unveiled a new Groupon Basics category today that focuses on selling deals on bulk home goods items.

The new category signals that Groupon is ready to start challenging the other big players in this space — namely the chain of membership-only Costco and Sam’s Club retail stores, which attracts customers with their own low prices for bulk products like paper towels, soap, toilet paper, etc. Groupon Basic also means Groupon will be competing with the relatively new Amazon Pantry service.

Right now the new category is only listing around a hundred items, including things like 3-pack green tea supplements, vitamins, tissues, and cleaning products. That number pales in comparison to the selection Amazon is able to offer, and Groupon isn’t able to get products to customers as quickly as they can get them off the shelves from Costco.

Still, if the price is right, it may be enough to see Groupon Basics gain popularity among consumers.