Comcast is planning to stream games from publisher Electronic Arts to cable TV customers via set-top boxes, according to Reuters.

After two years of testing, Comcast and EA, one of the largest companies in gaming, are reportedly working to provide games on the cloud-connected X1 cable box system, according to a report┬ácited five anonymous sources. Comcast is looking for ways to ward off encroachments from game console makers like Microsoft and Sony as well as new rivals like Apple TV and Amazon’s Fire TV. EA will provide sports, action, and casual titles based on its FIFA Soccer, Madden NFL Football, and Plants vs. Zombies brands.

Comcast has 22 million subscribers in the U.S., and it is awaiting approval for its $45 billion bid to buy Time Warner Cable. Comcast would make the games available on X1, a video operating system with apps and an interface that has voice control and other cool features.

EA and Comcast want to make playing games as easy as ordering a pay-per-view movie. The final game offerings have not been chosen. Customers will be able to use their Comcast tablets as controllers.