Following last Friday’s jury verdict on the Apple-Samsung case, the jury has done some reshuffling of the awarded damages, though the final award totals are relatively intact.

On Friday, the jury in the patent infringement case concluded with an award to Apple for $119.6 million and an award of $158,400 to Samsung in its countersuit. 

However, because the jury found infringement by Samsung for one of the patents but did not award damages, the judge asked the jury to recalculate the damages this morning. The jury ended up awarding and extra $4 million in damages in that case, yet it also lowered damages for other patent infringements, leaving the total amount relatively unchanged at $119.6 million.

Both sides are still very likely to appeal, considering how far this verdict is from their respective claims at the beginning of the trial. Apple originally sought $2.2 billion in damages, and Samsung argued that it only owed the company $38 million and that it had not infringed on patents related to the original iPhone, as we previously reported.