VentureBeat’s DataBeat conference is coming up on May 19-20, and we’re excited to announce that database systems pioneer Mike Stonebraker will be joining us for a special talk.

Note: The room is filling up quickly, and ticket prices shoot up $200 this Friday. Register now and save $200. Seats are very limited.

Session Speaker:

Mike StonebrakerMichael Stonebraker, Adjunct Professor, MIT CSAIL

With the IT industry evolving so quickly, we’re seeing new areas of expertise emerge that didn’t exist a few years back. It’s not every day that an event gives you the opportunity to meet and listen to pioneers who have actively contributed to their field for over four decades and are still at the leading edge.

Mike started working on relational databases in the early 1970s and went on to found database companies and leading top academic teams at UC Berkley and now MIT. He’s hailed by many in the data world as a founding member and a “force” in database systems.

He’ll be helping the DataBeat audience understand the evolution of ETL (extract, transform, load) processes from the ’90s until now, but more importantly, he’ll be explaining what lies ahead. With businesses bracing themselves to take advantage of growing amounts of information at ever faster speeds, the phase of transforming data from collection to analysis has evolved through 2 stages over the last decade, from traditional ETL to more recent data curation tools. We are now entering a third stage where these processes start to work at unprecedented scales.

These new capabilities have critical business applications. The ability for businesses to make the most of their data is not a competitive advantage anymore, it is a requirement.

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Join us May 19-20 for a two-day roadmap on how to approach data to ignite real growth for your business. Again, the room is nearly full, and tickets go up $200 this Friday! Get yours here!

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