Google has purchased analytics startup Adometry for an undisclosed amount, the company announced today.

Adometry helps advertisers get a better return on digital advertising by providing better attribution on the data collected about ads. The basic idea is that you’re far more likely to duplicate successful ad campaigns if you know where and how those ads are working.

Google said the startup’s technology “will build on the momentum of our existing measurement and analytics offerings, which include Google Analytics Premium as well as other products.”

Here’s the full statement from the Google Analytics team:

Attribution solutions, like Adometry’s, help businesses better understand the influence that different marketing tools — digital, offline, email, and more — have along their customers’ paths to purchase. This heightened understanding, in turn, enables businesses to measure marketing impact, allocate their resources more wisely, and provide people with ads and messages that they’re likely to care about.

Founded in 2005, the Austin, Texas-based startup last raised $8 million in funding back in January 2013. Adometry has raised a total of $44.6 million in funding to date.