Maxta, a Sunnyvale-based software enterprise storage provider, today announced a fresh $25 million in venture cash.

The startup describes itself as a hypervisor-agnostic storage platform for virtual data centers. Maxta’s software turns existing standard servers into alternative data storage solutions. Maxta describes its value proposition as simple to use and eliminating traditional data storage configurations.

“The first value is simplicity,” said sales vice president Steve Velardi in a chat with VentureBeat. “You don’t have to manage storage anymore.”

The $25 million B round was led by Intel and Tenaya Capital with Andreessen Horowitz also chipping in.

Maxta describes itself thus:

“Maxta Storage Platform (MxSP) is a hypervisor agnostic, software-only implementation of enterprise storage solution for virtualized environments providing VM-level storage abstraction and full integration into server virtualization management scheme and user interface.

Maxta Storage eliminates the need for storage arrays (either SAN or NAS) delivering shared storage by aggregating dispersed storage resources from multiple servers. It dramatically simplifies IT by eliminating storage provisioning, storage management and storage networking, enabling administrators to focus on high value-add initiatives.”

“We are working with Intel to optimize our technology,” said Maxta’s marketing chief Carolyn Crandall.

Velardi said Maxta’s software is a game changer in the data storage realm.

“You can use our software as the framework foundation for virtual data centers,” Velardi said.