This sponsored post is produced in association with Dell Foglight

As businesses become increasingly reliant on online channels for customer interactions, the need for faster, more functional websites becomes increasingly evident. While many Web 2.0 approaches aim to increase the speed and efficiency of web applications, they also present a challenge to traditional application performance monitoring (APM) solutions. With much of the processing taking place within the browser itself, or through calls to third party services, data center-based monitoring solutions find themselves faced with significant blind spots.

Because this activity frequently does not generate calls back to the organization’s network, it becomes necessary to also monitor activity at the edge, from within the browser itself, to obtain a complete picture of application performance. This paper prescribes four ways in which today’s monitoring technology must adapt to adequately meet the challenges presented by Web 2.0, and how Foglight, Dell’s APM solution, addresses these challenges. Learn more in the whitepaper from Dell.