In Trove, an upcoming crafting game from developer Trion Worlds, a handful of players have already started dreaming big. They’re the first to create massive new monuments within Trove based on little more than the game’s open-ended design, thousands of collectible materials, and hours of free time.

Trove often feels like a combination of Minecraft’s creativity and Zelda’s cheerful adventuring. By enabling players to build vast new spaces and structures, Trove now contains dozens of awe-inspiring masterpieces for other players to explore and plunder.

We asked Andrew Krausnick, Trove’s producer and project lead, to pick his seven favorite user-created Wonders that show off the early community’s creativity and diligence. Check out the slideshow below to view them, along with the creator’s name and Krausnick’s guided tour. If you’re inspired to create your own blocky monument to rival the Pyramids or Great Wall, you can sigh up for Trove’s alpha program through their website.

Trove Developer Commentary - Building a Voxel-Based Sandbox MMO