Robot jockeys will soon get another suite of improvements for their favorite futuristic wall-running shooter.

Developer Respawn announced today that it will dispatch an update for Titanfall that will coincide with the release of the Expedition map pack. That $10 piece of downloadable content will introduce three new stages later this month, and Titanfall’s third major update will include plenty of new features as well as tweaks to existing content. That includes the capability to set the PC version to the extremely high 144 frames per second.

Respawn has the full changelog up on the official Titanfall website, but here are some more of the highlights:

  • Players can give their loadouts custom names.
  • Gamers can also set two mode-specific loadouts.
  • The last-match summary now shows the scoreboard.
  • Custom private matches now have a list of new options that players can adjust.
  • The stats page now shows players how well they perform on each level and in different modes.
  • The campaign now shows a trophy next to each level you won.

The developer didn’t specify exactly when it would push out this update, and it still hasn’t given a final release date for the Expedition DLC.

It did release a new trailer that fully details the new maps in the expansion. Swampland is a muggy lagoon with plenty of trees that players can climb and run across. Runoff is an industrial park with sewage canals that serve as choke points. War Games is the Titanfall map to take place in the game’s simulation. It combines different parts of existing Titanfall stages that are sown together with a clean, Tron-looking art style.

Check ’em out in the video below: