VentureBeat’s DataBeat event is coming up next Monday and Tuesday, May 19-20!

We’ve got a monster lineup of 70 top data visionaries, and they’re all coming with brand new insights, strategies, and case studies designed to help you leverage big data and smart analytics to ignite growth for your company.

Today, we’re excited to announce an all-star panel that will be exploring the technical and organizational recipes to tying in behavioral data with revenue growth.

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Session Speakers:

Aber WhitcombAber Whitcomb, CTO, SGN


Graham TackleyDirector of Architecture, Guardian News & Media

Peter ReinhartPeter Reinhart, CEO,


Jay KrepsJay Kreps, Principal Staff Engineer, LinkedIn

Peter SkomorochPeter Skomoroch, Principal Data Scientist, Data Collective

Game companies do it. Social networks do it. Media companies do it. In a competitive landscape, companies can earn and keep their customers’ loyalty and business by monitoring all interactions that consumers have with their product — and using that data to constantly refine their strategy.

Between commercial platforms and home-brewed solutions, the frameworks to use that information are increasingly sophisticated. They route the right data to the right part of the organization, sometimes using centralized data lakes, sometimes using mission-specific cloud apps, with one core objective: Inform the business on which signals to track and patterns to look for in order to accelerate growth.

Next week at DataBeat, four executives from some of the top data-driven companies will discuss how they are tying these pieces together.

Aber Whitcomb, CTO at SGN, will discuss the importance of continuously testing which economy works best for games to be successful and how segmenting users into cohorts informs not only the decisions made on the product but also the marketing side.

Graham Tackley, director of architecture at the Guardian News & Media, will bring the perspective of building on top of open-source projects like ElasticSearch, a framework that keeps the 193-year-old publication well rooted into the digital age by helping its editors see where their traffic is coming from and what keeps readers engaged.

Peter Reinhart, CEO of the quickly growing, will talk about avoiding internal data warehouses when all you need is to display the events triggered by users inside the cloud-based apps your business people already use everyday.

Jay Kreps is a principal staff engineer at Linkedin and also works on its social network analysis and open source team. He’s also the creator of open source message streaming service Kafka. Jay will discuss LinkedIn’s open source strategy and the frameworks they build in-house.

The panel will be moderated by Peter Skomoroch, principal data scientist at Data Collective.

Stay tuned for more DataBeat program announcements, and check out event details — including our full program and lineup — here.

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