The drama and intrigue surrounding Apple’s rumored acquisition of Beats Audio continues.

Today’s big rumor: Apple is reportedly interested in improving the design of Beats’ pricey headphones, Bloomberg reports.

Even though they’re a common sight these days (it’s not unusual to see businessmen in suits wearing huge Beats headsets in NYC), Beats’ headphones are often criticized for being a bit too bass-heavy, overpriced, and not as durable as their competitors.

The combination of Apple and Beats’ engineering talent could lead to far better Beats headphones, as well as better audio performance for all of Apple’s products.

A source tells Bloomberg that Apple was particularly interested in Beats because it managed to get a significant amount of paying subscribers quickly. Apple is also considering keeping the Beats brand separate from its own. That would be a wise decision, considering the amount of marketing muscle the Beats name has amassed over the years.

A report last week claimed that Apple was close to acquiring Beats for $3.2 billion. The deal, which is supposedly going to be announced this week, would be Apple’s biggest acquisition ever. But while the potential deal is somewhat confusing, there are plenty of reasons why it makes sense for Apple to snap up Beats.