Xbox One is getting another new patch in May as Microsoft seeks to fix some of the console’s lingering problems.

The company released an update for Xbox One owners in its beta-testing program. The bundle of upgrades includes fixes for gameplay recording, multiplayer voice chat, and other minor issues. Microsoft put out these changes over the weekend, and it will wait to see how they perform before unleashing them in an update for all of its Xbox One owners later this month. This is just the latest in the hardware company’s string of monthly updates, which it has delivered regularly since the console debuted in November.

Compared to some of the past patches, this one is light on new features and will mostly focus on making the system run better. Here’s some details on what’s changing:

  • A fix for Game DVR will address an issue where video sometimes records without audio.
  • Update to Party Chat that will no longer quiet voice communications when the app isn’t pinned.
  • The Xbox One interface will now gray out the “System Update” button unless an update is actually available.

Additionally, the update will include the required tweaks to ensure the update will fully work.

Compared to Microsoft, Sony’s PlayStation 4 updates have come a little less frequently. At the end of April, the company introduced its first update in a few months. It included features that expand the capabilities of the video and screenshot sharing, and it improved the quality for the system’s built-in video-streaming features.

Microsoft plans to continue updating the Xbox One every month for the foreseeable future.

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