It appears that Microsoft is once again trying to make itself more competitive when it comes to digital music.

This time, it comes in the form of a music locker service that would feature the Xbox branding. Competitors like Google and Amazon already have a digital music locker service, which allows you to store a set amount of music data for free, and access it via the cloud from a variety of devices. You can even download the music files you’ve uploaded later if your computer crashes.

Microsoft’s music locker would use the company’s OneDrive storage service, according to Chinese tech news site LiveSino, which first spotted the plans after finding references to a “OneDrive Music folder” within the source code of the company’s cloud-storage site.

You’d be able to upload music to this new service using a OneDrive upload folder on your desktop. Music that was uploaded would then become available on Xbox consoles as well as other devices that support OneDrive.

Considering that Microsoft already has a streaming music service in Xbox Music, a OneDrive music locker service for Xbox seems a bit late in the game. At the same time, such a service could reasonably make Microsoft more competitive with other music storage and streaming services out there.