LG has just launched itself into the wearable health gadget category with the release of its new Heart Rate Earphones today.

The release comes weeks after rival gadget-maker Apple was rumored to be creating a pair of its own earbuds that could monitor your heart rate. Obviously, LG has been working on similar technology, and being first to market over Apple should help the device sell a bit better.

As for the new device, LG’s Heart Rate Earphones will scan and measure blood flow signals via your ears without affecting the quality of sound when playing your favorite music during a run. (LG is even claiming that the device is better than some of the other heart rate monitors already on the market, although the company doesn’t provide any details to back this up.)

The new earphones work in conjunction with another wearable device the company released today, the LG Lifeband Touch, which is an activity tracking bracelet that competes with the likes of Fitbit Flex, Nike Fuelband, and Jawbone Up. LG’s offering is a bit more flashy, and contains a touch-screen interface that lets you control how and when the device tracks your activity.

For a closer look at the devices, check out the photo gallery of product shots embedded below.

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