Outlook.com is receiving a slew of tools that will make it easier for people to read, reply to, and manage their email, including new rules that allow messages to be sorted by a wider range of variables.

The purpose of these new features, Microsoft says, is to give people more control over what they see in their inboxes. By doing so, Outlook.com users will be able to overcome email clutter and read only the most important emails.

The new Advanced Rules enables people to set how Outlook.com sorts their email in their inboxes. It now understands multicondition and multi-action rules, which permits inboxes to sort themselves automatically. Time constraints, email tallying, and even knowing the sender can determine whether or not an email reaches one’s inbox.

The undo button is a simple addition that enables people to easily rectify errors. Gone are the days of accidentally misplacing an email in a different folder. Clicking the undo button or pressing Crtl+Z will revert that one mistake.

Outlook.com inboxes are also getting an in-line reply feature. Replying to an email no longer opens a new window — now people can reply in the same view.

Microsoft is rolling out these features starting today, according to the Outlook.com blog. The company says that all Outlook.com inboxes will receive these updates within the next few weeks.