Titanfall has three incoming maps, and they’re hitting the game Thursday.

Respawn Entertainment and publisher Electronic Arts finally revealed today the release date for the Expedition map pack for the sci-fi shooter. This $10 piece of downloadable content will debut on PC and Xbox One on May 15. The DLC will bring in three maps, and it marks the first release in Respawn’s planned three-party season pass. You can purchase that pass now for $25, which will save you $5 off all three.

Titanfall fans playing on Xbox 360 can expect to get Expedition in June.

The new maps should provide some variety to players who have stuck with Titanfall since its March 11 debut. The new Swampland level has players battling it out among the treetops in a lagoon. Runoff is an industrial area where players can get from one side to other quickly using sewers. War Games is a virtual-reality simulation that mashes up three maps already in Titanfall and knits them together with Tron-like areas.

Check out a preview in the video below:

In addition to the map pack, players can also expect a third major update that will introduce some new features, gameplay tweaks, and bug fixes. Those include the capability to give your player and Titan loadouts customized names.

The patch should accompany the map pack sometime between now and Thursday.

Titanfall is one of the Xbox One’s most-important releases. Respawn comprises a large number of former Call of Duty developers, which had many gamers expecting big things. That was enough to make Titanfall the top-selling game in March.

Despite its strong debut, Titanfall couldn’t help Xbox One outsell PS4, which prompted Microsoft to announce a number of changes this morning including a $100 price cut.