Fanhattan, maker of replacement cable TV box Fan TV, has raised a fresh $8.3 million in funding, according to an SEC Form D doc filed today.

The company first revealed its Fan TV set-top box last year, as well as its plan to get cable and satellite TV service providers to grant it the ability to replace the boxes issued to customers. The company first struck a deal to offer its set-top boxes to Cox subscribers, and more recently it forged an agreement to bring Fan TV to Time Warner Cable subscribers.

The Fan TV box grants you easy access to live TV channels and on-demand programming as well streaming services like Crackle and RedBox Instant — and it does so by using a non-traditional touch-based remote.

Fanhattan has raised just $8.3 million out of a possible $18 million round of funding, according to the Form D. VentureBeat is reaching out to the company for more details about its fundraising efforts and will update this post with any new information.


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