It’s not over until the flappy lady sings … or something.

Flappy Bird will return to a smartphone near you, according to CNBC reporter Kelly Evans. She spoke with the game’s creator, Dong Nguyen, who confirmed the phenomenally popular arcade-style game that has players controlling a graceless fowl will take flight once again. Flappy Bird was reportedly making thousands of dollars a day and topped the download charts for both iOS and Android before Nguyen removed it. The new version will also include multiplayer.

While the game is on the way, Nguyen says that fans shouldn’t expect it soon. Of course, if you downloaded Flappy Bird the first time around — and still have it on your phone or tablet — you could just keep playing that one.

Flappy Bird took the mobile-gaming scene by storm earlier this year. It seemed to come out of nowhere and quickly had millions of people tapping their screens to keep their bird flying. This attracted a lot of attention to the game as well as Nguyen. Some people reacted positively, but many heavily criticized Nguyen for releasing a game they didn’t like that also included artwork inspired by the Mario games. And some accused him of allegedly using bots and other unethical means to help make Flappy Bird soar.

On Feb. 9, Nguyen deleted the game from the App Store and Google Play. Days later, he explained he made the decision because people were getting too addicted to it.

Now, with the new Flappy Bird in the works, Nguyen promises to make sure the new one isn’t quite as “addictive.”

Will 'Flappy Bird' Return To App Stores?