Who needs afternoon delight when you have Angry Birds in your pants?

According to mobile and social gaming network provider PlayPhone, 20 percent of mobile gamers it polled (out of 1,000 Americans) would rather give up sex than mobile games for a week. The other 80 percent of us are giving them a strange look.

PlayPhone also gave us some other startling stats. Almost half (49 percent) of mobile gamers openly admit to playing at work. For shame. Of course, the scariest stat involves those who openly admit to playing while driving: 17 percent! Jeez, people! That next turn in Candy Crush Saga can wait!

“Just as we seek to reveal emerging trends in mobile gaming monetization, we feel it’s essential to investigate behaviors that define heavy spenders.” said PlayPhone chief marketing officer Anders Evju in a press release sent to GamesBeat. “It furthers our goals of maximizing value for our game developer and operator partners and enables us to continue to deliver an optimal social gaming experience.”

I don’t know. Even if they’re heavy spenders, I feel like we should try to discourage the play-while-driving types.

“Our Mobile Gaming Chronicles shed light on several aspects of mobile gaming, but we were most surprised to discover how addicted some gamers are to their mobile games,” Evju said to GamesBeat. “… that gamers would rather give up sex than their mobile games, postpone work and sleep just to play their games, or even play while behind the wheel — which is certainly very dangerous.”

PlayPhone works with the likes of Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, SingTel, Telkomsel, Vivo, Claro, and Tango. It’s services reaches over a billion mobile customers worldwide.