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Do you often find yourself hijacked when visiting parents or relatives? Conversations often start with: “Oh, I’m so happy to see you! I get this funny message when I start my computer.” If so, you are probably part of that special group of tech savvy people and this scenario sounds painfully familiar:

Your mom calls you and says “My computer doesn’t work!” You drive to her house, skip dinner and start investigating. You check running applications and system updates, everything seems fine. Three hours later, you’re still cleaning up desktop files and backing up family pictures. After scanning and updating her antivirus, you leave with a big thank you kiss. Weeks go by and you get another phone call: “What did you do to my computer?” And you…

A. Shrug your shoulders and suffer the wrath of a mother.

B. Start explaining computer science to your mom.


C. Point your mom to a security solution she can easily manage on her own.

And you can do the same for your work colleagues or your best friend. If you’ve felt frustrated and under-appreciated because people take your time and skills for granted, or you simply don’t want to spend your day fixing someone’s laptop, an easy-to-install security suite will take the problem off your shoulders.

For example, Bitdefender Internet Security solves mundane as well as highly complex tasks by making optimal security-related decisions for the user. This means no pop-ups, no alerts and nothing to configure. You, your family, and your friends can try out a free 6-month license.

And you can leave a few tips with your mom or friend to help them diagnose and fix general computer problems themselves. For instance:

–        Check if your device is firmly plugged-in and all cables are well-connected.

–        Try the all-purpose cure: Restart your computer.

–        Isolate the problem: If it’s related to a specific application, restart that application.

–        Take note of error messages and search the web for solutions.

–        In case of computer crashes, check for overheating and make sure there is a good air flow around the computer.

And most important of all, tell them not to panic, it’s the first rule in successful troubleshooting.

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