After toying with the idea 14 months ago, Google has finally made it possible to pay for apps, movies, games, and books with PayPal.

That’s a bit unusual, given that Google has its own payment method, Google Wallet, that competes with PayPal.

Starting today, Google Play will allow people in 12 countries, including the U.S., the U.K., and Canada, to purchase from the store with their PayPal accounts, according to the Android Developers Blog. When buying an app, Google will give customers the option to add funds to their wallets by entering their PayPal credentials.

You can’t use PayPal, however, to purchase physical goods, such as devices and accessories, or for other purchases outside of the Google Play store. In other words, don’t think about using that $1,500 from your eBay sales to buy Glass.

Google is implementing these changes to provide “a frictionless payment experience.” The company also says the PayPal integration is an example of how the company works with partners from across the payments industry in order to benefit the end user. It remains to be seen if Google will integrate alternative payment options, such as adding funds through cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

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This isn’t the only new way for some customers to pay. Google says it’s rolling out another popular payment method, carrier billing, which allows people to charge purchases on their cell phone bills, to other countries. Almost half of all Google Play customers have this payment option. Google is also making Google Play gift cards available in 13 more countries.