Take me out to the ballgame. Or just let me play it inside.

A lot of PlayStation 4 owners have opted for the latter. While the PlayStation 3 and Vita versions of MLB 14: The Show came out last month, the recent PlayStation 4 release had the best week-one sales in franchise history. In fact, according to Sony, the newest entry in the series did 40 percent better than MLB 13: The Show did during its first week on the PlayStation 3.

So, how does publisher Sony celebrate this success? By releasing a lot game-related stats, of course.

MLB 14 The Show stats

Already, PlayStation 4 folk have played 10 million games of baseball. For reference, a regular Major League season has 162 games per team (with 30 teams total). Also, it’s not surprising to see Yankee Stadium as the most-played field. Those damn Yankees have sat at the top of baseball popularity for decades.

So, why are the Baltimore Orioles — of all people — the most-played team? I have no idea. They are a division rival of the New York Yankees. Maybe all of the Yankees haters are flocking to them? Although the Boston Red Sox usually represent New York’s biggest rival. …

You also see that the furthest home run hit by an MLB 14: The Show player went 553 feet. Not bad, but nowhere close to the real-world record. According to the Baseball Almanac and Guinness Book of Baseball World Records, that honor belongs to Mickey Mantle, the Hall of Fame New York Yankee that hit one 634 feet against the Detroit Tigers at Briggs Stadium in Detroit in Sept. 1960.

That should give all you MLB 14: The Show players something to strive for. Just don’t expect to get enshrined in Cooperstown for your digital achievement.