Workday makes software that helps companies manage their employees and related activities.

Not surprisingly, it takes its own “people relationships” seriously, and today the company has announced that it no longer has co-chief executives. Now former co-CEO Dave Duffield is moving on to being chairman of Workday’s board, while Aneel Bhusri continues solo as chief executive, according to a company blog post.

The company explains that “this is just a reflection of the way our roles have evolved over the past few years.”

Bhusri will remain focused on strategy, products, operating results, and company-wide execution of business plans. Duffield will continue to focus on the company’s education and government business, the Worday Student efforts, and the company’s own culture and team health.

From the blog post:

Our friendship and partnership has never been stronger. We’ll continue to look at the business as co-founders. And we’ll remain focused on employees and customers, as we firmly believe that happy employees equal happy customers. Together, with the rest of the Workday team and community, we’re aiming to bring that 97 percent customer satisfaction to a perfect 100.

Bhusr and Duffield founded Workday in 2005 and is in Pleasanton, Calif. On Oct, 12, 2012, the company went public on the New York Stock Exchange.