Many of the Mushroom Kingdom’s most prominent citizens are overjoyed about the news that Nintendo will pursue equality in its future games … according to a clip from HBO’s Last Week Tonight.

The political comedy show, which The Daily Show alum John Oliver hosts, took on the news that Nintendo will attempt to enable same-sex couples in future releases of its Tomodachi Life game. That upcoming game, due out for the 3DS in early June, came under fire earlier this month for enabling heterosexual couples to marry but not homosexual couples. After some time, Nintendo apologized and vowed to do better in the future — although it won’t make any changes to the current Tomodachi Life.

All of that led Oliver and his team to check in on what Mario, Zelda, and Donkey Kong thought about the news, and it turns out they were all excited about it on a very personal level. Check it out in the video below:

As usual, gaming is only getting this exposure for a negative reason, but the writers for Last Week Tonight deserve some credit for actually making the conceits of gaming (like the meaninglessness of death) part of the joke.