If big data analytic player Prelert has its way, companies will be using its anomaly detection platform instead of turning to data scientists to make sense of it all.

“We are putting anomaly detection capabilities into the hands of decision makers,” said Prelert chief executive Mark Jaffe.

That is, instead of hiring a team of data scientists to run analyses on your data, Jaffe’s platform will do it for you. And protect it.

“For us,” Jaffe added, “the disruption is enabling decision makers to make decisions without teams of data scientists.”

Customers can embed the software directly into their applications in the form of a graphic friendly dashboard.

Prelert launched four years ago and is based outside Beantown, in Framingham, Mass. It also has an office in London. The company raised $3.7 million in venture funding in 2010. Since that time, it has been surviving — and thriving — on its own revenues.

“We’re close to being cash flow positive,” Jaffe said. He noted however, that Prelert will be raising cash in the future to expand operations.

Prelert has been releasing new products since it launched.