Memory cost: 1

Active effect: Mask conceals your physical self and amplifies the next action taken.

Upgrade effect: Mask raises the potency of most functions while backstabbing.


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Passive effect: You become undetectable and faster after eliminating targets.

Mask with Crash

Mask stuns and disrupts nearby targets in addition to the base effect.

Mask with Breach

Mask stays in effect for twice the duration.

Mask with Spark

Mask automatically launches a powered-up Spark when the effect ends.

Mask with Jaunt

Mask raises your speed and Turn recovery speed in addition to the base effect.

Mask with Load

Mask creates a damaging blast around the user when activated.

Mask with Help

Mask leaves behind a copy of you in addition to the base effect.

Mask with Bounce

Mask releases several Bounce bolts in addition to the base effect.

Mask with Ping

Mask gains a faster cooldown between uses.

Mask with Get

Mask draws in surrounding targets for a short duration.

Mask with Purge

Mask spawns several Purge parasites in addition to the base effect.

Mask with Flood

Mask leaves a damage trail in your wake for the effect duration.

Mask with Void

Mask doubles the power of the next attack while under the effect.

Mask with Tap

Mask provides bonus life-steal for your next attack.

Mask with Switch

Mask temporarily turns surrounding targets’ allegiance to your side when activated.

Mask with Cull

Mask knocks back surrounding targets for the effect duration.



Memory cost: 3

Active effect: Load forms a volatile Packet. You can strike the Packet to produce a large blast.

Upgrade effect: Load increases the area-of-effect of most functions.

Passive effect: You automatically generate volatile Packets at a regular interval.

Load with Crash

Load forms Packets that stun targets, exposing vulnerabilities.

Load with Breach

Load forms Packets at long range.

Load with Spark

Load forms several smaller Packets at a time.

Load with Jaunt

Load detonates automatically and be usable during Turn recovery.

Load with Mask

Load forms Target-banishing Packets and briefly conceals the user.

Load with Help

Load forms Packets with a 50 percent chance to prevent Cells from spawning.

Load with Bounce

Load forms Packets that explode into ricocheting bolts.

Load with Ping

Load become more efficient to plan during Turn and faster in real time.

Load with Get

Load forms Packets that draw in nearby targets.

Load with Purge

Load forms Packets that apply damage over time.

Load with Flood

Load forms self-immolating Packets engulfed in damage field.

Load with Void

Load forms Packets that are even more destructive.

Load with Tap

Load forms Packets that restore some life points when detonated.

Load with Switch

Load forms Packets that briefly switch Targets’ allegiance to your side.

Load with Cull

Load deals more damage and send targets flying upward.



Memory cost: 4

Active effect: Help calls a Friend to aid you. You can plan the Friend’s actions with Turn.

Upgrade effect. Help gives most Functions a chance to prevent Cells from spawning.

Passive effect: You have a 25 percent chance to become a SuperUser when using Turn.

Help with Crash

Help summons a hardy Friend that stuns targets and is immune to being stunned.

Help with Breach

Help summons a hardy Friend with longer attack range and more Turn planning.

Help with Spark

Help summons two smaller Friends, each capable of planning in Turn.

Help with Jaunt

Help summons a hardy, faster-hitting Friend who you can use in Turn with a 50 percent faster cooldown.

Help with Mask

Help summons a hardy Friend whose Bark deals greater backstab damage.

Help with Load

Help summons a hardy friend whose Bark has a blast radius.

Help with Bounce

Help summons a hardy Friend whose Bark chains between targets.

Help with Ping

Help summons a hardy, faster-moving Friend whose attack is more efficient to use in Turn.

Help with Get

Help summons a hardy Friend whose Bark pulls in targets.

Help with Purge

Help summons a hardy Friend whose Bark applies damage over time.

Help with Flood

Help summons a hardy Friend enveloped in a damage field that harms nearby targets.

Help with Void

Help summons a hardy Friend with a more powerful Bark.

Help with Tap

Help heals you over time in addition to summoning a hardy Friend.

Help with Switch

Help summons a hardy Friend whose Bark switches targets’ allegiance.

Help with Cull

Help summons a hardy Friend that can damage targets by touching them while executing Turn.



Memory cost: 2

Active effect: Bounce discharges a ricocheting bolt that jumps from target to target.

Upgrade effect: Bounce adds a chain-reactive effect to most Functions.

Passive effect: You gain a deflecting shield that negates damage.

Bounce with Crash

Bounce stuns and disrupts targets, exposing vulnerabilities.

Bounce with Breach

Bounce fires farther and chains to targets in a wider area.

Bounce with Spark

Bounce spawns chaotic, jumping Spark particles from each target struck.

Bounce with Jaunt

You can use Bounce during Turn recovery.

Bounce with Mask

Bounce deals greater backstab damage to targets.

Bounce with Load

Bounce becomes slightly stronger and deal damage in a blast radius.

Bounce with Help

Bounce gains a 50 percent chance to prevent Cells from spawning.

Bounce with Ping

Bounce becomes more efficient to plan during Turn and faster in real time.

Bounce with Get

Bounce pulls targets to you and deals more damage at a longer range.

Bounce with Purge

Bounce slows targets, dealing damage over time.

Bounce with Flood

Bounce leaves a damage trail in the wake of the attack.

Bounce with Void

Bounce will deal significantly more damage.

Bounce with Tap

Bounce siphons some life points from targets.

Bounce with Switch

Bounce briefly switches the target’s allegiance’s to your side.

Bounce with Cull

Bounce deals more damage and sends targets flying upward.