Google has been courting the small-business crowd for some time now, and it may be about to sweeten its proposition with Wi-Fi.

The is reporting (warning: paywall) that the search giant is preparing to offer deeply discounted commercial-grade Wi-Fi hardware and software to small and medium-sized businesses as soon as this summer. The Information says it learned of the program via a leaked Google document and “a person briefed on the project.”

The new Wi-Fi program would be aimed at all kinds of small businesses, such as dentist offices to gyms, worldwide.

This wouldn’t be the first time Google has put real money behind its push into the small-business sector. The company unveiled a program at Google I/O 2011 that provided Chromebooks and desktop base stations to small businesses at very low cost.

Google’s motive here is to sell more Google enterprise services like Apps, Docs, and cloud storage to small businesses. Of course those things work much better with a solid Wi-Fi connection around the office, and in Google’s point of view, preferably on Chromebooks and Android devices.

Google did not immediately respond to calls for comment Wednesday.