Welcome to the future, where waves flow at the push of a button.

Scientists and engineers in the U.K. have created the world’s first artificial surfing lake. According to the project’s engineer, the owners of the lake are able to fine-tune every aspect of the wave to create the perfect surfing conditions — from the wave hight to the speed at which it flows.

“We have a powered run here at 150 meters,” an engineer explains in a video interview with the BBC (below), “but we can build as long as we want.”

World's First Artificial Surfing Lake

While the lake’s wave settings are not yet self-serve, we can’t help but wonder what it would be like to customize our own waves by smartphone. Sure, the Internet of things works well with air conditioners and refrigerators, but what about the Internet of waves?

The new wave lake, currently under construction by a company called Surf Snowdonia in the mountains of North Wales, is expected to open for business in 2015.

The news story, including footage of the lake’s construction, is available in full below: