Healthcare providers are looking for ways to connect with potential patients on the web, on mobile devices, and through social channels. And San Francisco-based Clariture is ramping up to fill the need.

Clariture’s platform uses social media and patient data to find people who are likely to respond to a healthcare provider’s proposition. Clatiture customers can then reach out to the prospect through search campaigns and ad placements on social media and mobile channels.

“Our APIs integrate with the most powerful social and search networks, such as Facebook and Google, and enable unprecedented levels of targeting and engagement at scale,” says Clariture CEO Daniel Hightower in a statement.

“The immediate value proposition for health systems and urgent care providers is a smarter way to acquire and retain patients.”

Clariture’s new $1 million seed funding comes from The Martin Cos., a Nashville-based venture capital and incubation firm that specializes in early-stage healthcare and technology companies. Many national hospitals, insurers, and other healthcare companies are headquartered in Nashville; the healthcare industry is as visible there as the country music industry. Clariture also has an office in Nashville.

Clariture has been beta testing its platform for the past few months, and says it will do a formal launch “in the coming weeks.” The company will initially target emergency rooms, urgent care centers and hospital systems — organizations that already spend megabucks on marketing and advertising to attract new patients.