We can rebuild it.

Minecraft: Xbox One Edition is coming out this August, allowing fans to explore and build their own blocky worlds on a new-gen console. It’ll retail for $20, but anyone who owns a physical or digital version of the Xbox 360 edition can upgrade and transfer their game to the Xbox One for just $5.

Microsoft claims that most of your downloaded skins and texture packs will also move over, though some of them aren’t supported on the Xbox One. Microsoft hasn’t specified which ones.

Despite coming out in May 2012, the Xbox 360 of version is still one of the best-selling console games every month. Minecraft itself is a phenomenon. It made $326 million in revenue in 2013 alone with computer (PC, Mac, and Linux), console (Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3), and mobile (Android and iOS) versions bringing in tons of cash. Adding new platforms like the Xbox One will help keep that momentum alive, but it’s also great for Microsoft to have such a guaranteed hit coming to its newest system.