Three years ago, web-ad network Intergi launched its Playwire online video-ad platform. And now the platform has hit its stride, with more than 1.2 billion ads viewed to date. And on top of that, Playwire has extended its reach into mobile.

Jayson Dubin, the chief executive of Intergi and its Playwire division, said in an interview with GamesBeat that the company now has more than 3,300 publishers in its video-ad network. In the first quarter, people viewed more than 430 million video ads on Playwire, Dubin said. The company’s publishing partners use Playwire to host more than 730,000 videos encoded with the Playwire video-player platform.

“We’ve got a massive increase in engagement,” Dubin said.

The Deerfield, Fla.-based Intergi was founded in 2007 as a web ad network with a focus on video games. In 2011, it started Playwire to focus on video ads. Playwire created a customizable and scalable video player that enables publishers and content creators to monetize and syndicate their video content at no cost. Playwire encodes and hosts the content so that the customers don’t have to do that themselves. It provides analytics and matches publishers with brand advertisers via a direct sales team.

Playwire aims to give publishers two times to 10 times the ad revenue they generate from other video platforms. The publishers retain the copyright to their content, and they give a revenue share to Playwire.

With the rapid growth, Playwire has expanded its video ads to a variety of sectors beyond gaming now, with partners in newspapers, entertainment, sports, and music. Playwire streams ads to people in 165 countries. The number of publishers has grown tenfold in the past three years.

“The tremendous growth we have experienced shows that the online video market is only just beginning to transform the advertising world,” Dubin said. “We are particularly proud that our service will allow fair and transparent monetization of content for publishers and creators.

“Our current surge in participation and usage justifies recent data that shows digital ad revenue surpassing broadcast for the first time, and we see this trend continuing throughout the year. As content migrates to the digital space, it will be increasingly important for creators to not only monetize their content, but also control their intellectual property.”

In December, Playwire added new ad formats for most mobile devices. It has now had more than 40 million mobile views through its platform. In the first quarter, the company streamed 24.06 petabytes of data. All told, consumers have viewed more than 2.8 billion minutes of video ads. Rivals include YouTube, Vevo, Brightcove, and Ooyala.

Jayson Dubin of Playwire/Intergi

Above: Jayson Dubin of Playwire/Intergi.

Image Credit: Dean Takahashi