Apple is that cool kid in town everyone wants to emulate — and now it’s touting some shiny sapphire crystal.

Cue jealousy.

With Apple’s $578 million sapphire glass plant in Arizona now operational, Korean tech giants Samsung and LG are mulling bringing sapphire crystal displays to their upcoming gadgets, according to an ETnews. Industry insiders reportedly told the Korean news outlet that both companies are in touch with sapphire glass manufacturers and suppliers.

Samsung and LG allegedly considered sapphire crystal displays last year but decided against moving forward at that time because of pricey production costs. Apple’s interest in sapphire prompted them to take another look, apparently.

Some tech analysts speculate Apple will incorporate sapphire displays into a wearable device — the rumored iWatch — while others think they’re more likely to show up in the iPhone 6.

Here’s my take: Sapphire crystal displays are exceptionally resistant to scratches, though they’re also a bit fragile — less of an issue if they’re strapped to your wrist.

As for Samsung and LG, it’ll probably be at least a year before we see sapphire crystal show up in any of their gadgets.