Update 8/1: The 20% Watch Dogs coupon is back! see details below.

On Tuesday, May 27th Watch Dogs makes its debut on all the major platforms for $59.99. Good news arrived earlier today for those planning to game on the PC as you won’t have to pay full price. The UK based digital games retailer Green Man Gaming just launched a 25% off coupon code slashing a big chunk out of the price tag.

● Watch Dogs Digital Deluxe — $55.99 (normally $70)
Watch Dogs Standard — $47.99 (normally $60)
● Watch Dogs Season Pass — $15.99 (normally $20)

Use coupon: AUG20OFF

Watch Dogs Standard vs. Deluxe

Not sure which version of Watch Dogs to pick up? Pre-ordering will net both editions a bonus “Blume Agent Pack” which includes an extra outfit and weapon stabilization bonus perk. Beyond that though, the Digital Deluxe Eiditon of Watch Dogs will include the base game and the following extra DLC packs:

► White Hat Pack:
     60 minutes additional gameplay
     White Hat Hacker Outfit
     Hack Boost: Add 1 battery slot

► The Palace Pack:
     20 minutes additional gameplay
     INVESTIGATION BONUS: Unlock more investigation opportunities inside the network databanks.
     ATM HACK BOOST: Boost your cash rewards when hacking bank accounts.

► Signature Shot Mission:
     20 minutes additional gameplay
     Viceroys Outfit
     Biometric Rifel

► Breakthrough Pack:
     15 minutes additional gameplay
     Vehicle Expert Perk: Get free vehicles from your Underground Car Contact and earn discounts on select cars.

► Club Justice Pack
     Chicago South Club Outfit
     Driving Master Perk: More Hit Points to Vehicles

Is Watch Dogs Digital Deluxe Edition worth the extra money vs Standard Edition? If you add up the additional estimated gameplay from the DLC packs listed above, you’ll come in at almost two hours. So if two more hours of Watch Dogs content is worth the extra ~$7.50 – then you’ll have your answer. Conversely if you shun DLC, in-game vanity goodies along with extra perks, then you’ve probably already made up your mind on what not to buy.

Best Watch Dogs Console Offers

Unfortunately, there’s no discounts if you’re looking to pre-order for the console. However, there are some decent incentive offers going on right now. The best for Watch Dogs are listed below:

Watch Dogs Xbox One is $59.99 + $15 Xbox Gift Card at Microsoft Store
Watch Dogs Xbox 360 is $59.99 + $15 Xbox Gift Card at Microsoft Store
Watch Dogs PS4 is $59.99 + $10 Rewards at Best Buy
Watch Dogs PS3 is $59.99 + $10 Rewards at Best Buy

Though about pre-ordering other games on PC? The same GMG coupon from above will also works on the following upcoming/recent releases:

Use coupon: GMG025-MAYBHW-SOSAVE

● WildStar: Deluxe Edition — $56.25 (normally $75)
● WildStar — $45.00 (normally $60)
● Dark Souls II — $37.50 (normally $50)
● Murdered: Soul Suspect — $33.75 (normally $50)
● Nosgoth Packs — $15 to $112.50 (yep that’s not a typo)