Password carousel begins yet again.

Today, music streaming platform Spotify revealed that a security breach has taken place, affecting one of the service’s Android users.

Only that one user’s personal details were accessed, Spotify claims, yet the company appears spooked by the breach and plans to push an app update to Android users “over the next few days.” Additionally, “certain Spotify users” will be asked to “re-enter their username and password to log in.”

More, from Spotify:

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We have taken steps to strengthen our security systems in general and help protect you and your data – and we will continue to do so. We will be taking further actions in the coming days to increase security for our users.

While nowhere near the scale and severity of eBay’s “cyberattack,” Spotify’s latest hack amounts to yet another privacy scare among major service providers. It’s noteworthy that Spotify has been the target of malicious activity in the past.

There is one upside, however: It appears that iOS and Windows Phone users remain unaffected by the breach. Spotify has not yet requested users to reset their passwords, either — although I imagine some users might do so just to play it safe.