One of the Xbox One’s biggest exclusives is likely skipping the Electronic Entertainment Expo tradeshow.

Microsoft announced today that Remedy Entertainment will show off the gameplay of its upcoming time-controlling action game Quantum Break at the Gamescom event in Cologne, Germany in August. If that’s the first time the developer will show it, this means that Quantum Break won’t appear at the fast-approaching E3 event early next month. The two companies also confirmed that the game is set to debut in 2015. Remedy is best known for creating Max Payne and Alan Wake. The company is working with Microsoft to release Quantum Break exclusively for the Xbox One.

While Quantum Break is still months away from a playable demo, Microsoft and Remedy released a video that shows it in action. Check it out below:

Quantum Break is an action-adventure game that gives players some limited control over time. It puts gamers in the role of hero Jack Joyce who is trying to unravel a mystery that could lead to the end of all time.

Quantum Break will also debut alongside a tie-in show. While this game will cast you as the hero, the serialized drama will follow the villains that control the Monarch Solutions corporation that Jack is fighting against. Remedy is promising that the actions you take in the game will have an effect on how the show plays out, but it hasn’t specified how that will work.

With Quantum Break missing 2014, Microsoft is losing ammo in its own battle against Sony. The PlayStation 4 has pulled out ahead of the Xbox One since both consoles launched in November. That’s largely due to public perception and a $100 price difference — the latter of which Microsoft will officially deal with on June 9 when it releases a $400 Xbox One without a Kinect. At that point, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will have virtually the same features and capabilities (with some small differences) at the same price. If Microsoft is going to catch up, it’s going to need games that set its system apart.

In addition to Quantum Break, Microsoft has a new Halo in the works as well as an open-world zombie shooter from Insomniac Games called Sunset Overdrive. The company also worked with publisher Electronic Arts to debut the sci-fi shooter Titanfall in March from developer Respawn Entertainment. That game is only on PC and Xbox platforms.

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